Endless parliamentary debates about subsidies in the energy revolution seem unnecessary to you? The answer to the question of whether summer and winter time should be regulated uniformly throughout Europe is as clear as day? The border between the North Sea and the Atlantic lies exactly ... yes, where actually?

The idea behind the project is simple: playing is fun. And: Playing can convey complex interrelationships, because you immerse yourself in the subject matter and have to make your own decisions. We are pleased that this project has produced games that deal with topics that we don't necessarily deal with in our everyday lives - and which nevertheless have a stronger impact on our everyday lives than they seem at first glance.

In the Industrial Design course, we deal with the future - we design today the products that will determine our everyday life tomorrow.

One level at which this design takes place is that of sustainability. Many of the games we design can be played multiple times. Some (especially in the case of games with quiz elements) can only be played once, but can be passed on afterwards as all game materials are reusable. In the case of some games, you will label printed elements - these can of course simply be reprinted.

But the most important level on which the design of today shapes our society of tomorrow is that of our experiences and adventures - for example with the games we design. They are intended to show how complex politics can be - and that it can't be any different, because an open society thrives on its diversity and debates.

All games can be downloaded free of charge as a "Print and Play" PDF document, which then can be printed out for immediate play – at school, at the kitchen table or on a trip to Europe. In addition, we provide all games as editable source files – making it easier to add your own content, modify rules and translate them into other languages.

We are happy to receive feedback, ideas and suggestions – simply email us via feedback@perspectives-in-play.com.

We really enjoyed designing the games. We hope you have at least as much fun playing!

Perspectives in Play Team